personal project - 3 months - Lisbon, Portugal

Turista Literário . book signing club website - mobile version

It is necessary to build a prototype of the mobile version of the Turista Literário website (book signature club). The number of accesses via mobile devices has grown exponentially and the site does not yet have a mobile version (which certainly results in a less interesting user experience. With this new interface for these devices, it is intended to offer a better experience to current users and conquer new ones.

The website has no responsiveness.

But creating a website for mobile devices means that there must already be a good website for desktop browsers. It is necessary to develop an interface according to the best design principles to create an attractive, clean and efficient layout. The following are some common problems that you can see in different parts of the website.

After some research and agreements with the stakeholders, it was decided to create a new layout for the website respecting as much as possible the existing identity and characteristics, only organizing the situations considered problems. a solution was created in a short time, to solve the problems with this new layout. Click to enlarge the pages ...

Do we really need a mobile version, why?.

we could see that several other subscription clubs already have a well-structured mobile version. A benchmark was carried out on the following websites to use its structure and characteristics as a reference.


some people who are already members of the club and people from the clubs mentioned above ( 45 users total ) were contacted in to better understand the way they access the site to check the news. 93% said it is interesting to have the option of accessing a website through mobile devices. We published a form on the facebook group and through e mail. We can see in the graphic below that the vast majority access the site via smartphones.

it definitely needs to be done!
After some more research, we have a structure with a basic flow.

and something more clean...

We can see here a visual design for mobile version. And after it is possible to check the link with a prototype...

Click here to see the prototype on Figma.

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