personal project - 1 months - Lisbon, Portugal

ZS Rest . interaction problems. (Restaurants)

Research on interaction problems, adjustments and proposed interface modification to make the application more efficient. The application shows problems when waiters often post wrong orders in the system and complain about inconsistency in the information shown.

wrongly placing orders, we often have waste, delivery delays and consequently customer dissatisfaction. The search in the current app and with its users, intends to detect the reasons for the problems and also optimize its functionality making it more dynamic, making changes to the iterface if necessary.

Interviews were conducted with all 9 waiters at a bar that uses the system. I started to structure the problems with the users' experience. All pain points were pointed out when searching for items registered in the system.There were no problems organizing tables, values or bills. And it has already been possible to identify some serious problems. The bar is actually a pub-style craft beer bar. It has 32 options of craft beers on tap, more than 100 options in bottles and several food options.

Basically users say that it is often difficult to find certain items in the system. There are many beers and sometimes the searches show many options and it is difficult to identify the item.

Why is it difficult to find items when searching?

The most common that was heard in the interviews was:
“You can't really read what is written and you can't always quickly identify if the beer is from a bottle or tap. For example, some bottles are very similar in size to medium-sized beer glasses. The bottle is 330ml and the glass is 350ml. Sometimes on the run we click on the wrong size. ”

Why can't really read what is written? Why they click in wrong size bottles/glasses?


Applications from several companies were searched for the same purpose. The functionality seems very similar in almost all of them. The user interface is very generic and does not have a suitability for each type of business. I mean, a craft beer bar has exactly the same interface as a pizzeria, when in fact some small customizations could be made in order to increase efficiency in the attendance.

with more space to show the items the images are complete, the colors identify if it is a bottle, or glass, and the size of each item is much more visible.

What else? Identifying common features. is it possible to improve them?

1. the user clicks when the customer edits the account and shows everything the user has consumed plus the total amount on the tablet's display.

2. A user checks shift and passes the tablet to someone else to use. Log in to another user.

3. This icon is not a link, but it does show how much the total account is at a table at any given time.

4. activate the settings menu

5. Returns the screen that shows all tables

6. Insert credit card number. No waiter has ever used this option. And if it is necessary at some rare time, this can be done at the cashier's POS.

7. LAN status notification. It is not a link. The icon only shows whether the tablet connection to the control panel is active.

Through researching other apps and the information gathered in the interviews, I decided to propose a reformulation of the items on the top panel. A shortcut to an area with the best selling products will be added. One with food and one for drinks. At the top of the screen of the most sold drinks, there will be the 3 beers of the Happy Hour. The credit card number (6.) icon will be removed, as it has never been used.

Possibilities for a User Interface.