personal project - 3 months - Lisbon, Portugal

Tripping Pet (information - traveling with pets)

It will be necessary to develop a very simple and objective application. In the application it should be possible to find all the information necessary to take your pet to another country with. It is assumed that each country or region has a different bureaucracy, so it is necessary to register, search countries of origin and destination, obtaining the specific information of the choice made. Search if is interesting add more features in the app, create a prototype using figma.

What is the problem?

Antonio is a sofware developer. He lives in a big city with his dog Alfred. Antonio received a new proposal from his company and will need to live in Europe for at least 1 year. He will need to take Alfred with him, but he doesn't know what he needs. Antonio has heard that exams and documents are necessary, but he does not know exactly which ones.

Basic Flow

Let's start organizing the application's structure to understand how its functionality will be. There will be the home screen with the app logo and an invitation button to register. Then a screen with fields to register name, e-mail, telephone, type of animal, country of origin. Then we will have a profile screen where you can place the user's photo and another one of the animal in addition to a field to choose the destination country. The fourth screen finally shows the information related to the desired country.


Now we have a basic understanding of the application's structure, and we can see it in the wireframe below. what other functions can be added to improve the user experience?

An important issue in the execution of the entire process is veterinary examinations. Almost everything is based on the exams performed and only after the exams are ready, you will be able to have the necessary documents to present in the destination country.
Based on research conducted with people who have already traveled with their animals and also on interviews with some veterinary clinics, we will propose 3 more functions in the application that will help with these situations.

1. Finding veterinary clinics that perform the exams within the international conventions in the user's region.

The steps to be followed may vary depending on the country of destination. We will use the example here of a trip from Brazil to Portugal, as seen in the wireframe. The first stages, and almost all of them, are specific exams and veterinary consultations. Not all veterinarians have credentials to carry out the necessary examinations in accordance with international standards. Then, we will include a list of veterinary clinics that can perform the exams correctly. These clinics will be accessed using GPS location.

2. check list of each of the steps and exams that need to be performed.

There are many steps to follow and make sure everything is right for your pet to travel. And if there is a checklist adapted for each destination that the user chooses? So, just mark each step, each exam and each completed document and everything will be organized .

3. I Have to travel in 2 weeks, what about my dog??

during the research we found new questions. And we found possible ways to help potential users of the application in other situations. We found that many people need to travel urgently and end up depending on someone to take their animals afterwards.

But his proposal was more urgent, he needs to go in 2 weeks, with no time to complete all the bureaucracies. Your puppy needs to go after him. But who will take it? Some companies offer this service, but it is very expensive.

and if people could register to take other people's animals on trips they would already take. A button on the menu allows the registration of people who intend to travel in the future to apply as animal transporters.


we have some research images of the signs that would the visual identity, the project Brand. After many sketches and tests, there is in the following images, a small summary of the creation process and our logo.


With a quick but well-structured research, wireframes and a basic branding design, we can think in the visual design of the application. here are the first drawings and then a link to see the prototype working at figma.

click here to see the prototype of the app working on Figma.

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