personal project - 3 months - Lisbon, Portugal

Redesign . AliExpress Marketplace support web page

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress, the Alibaba Group's global retail platform, announced the brand of 100 million customers. Launched in 2010, AliExpress offers a unique value proposition to customers around the world through a wide range of innovative products and technologies. AliExpress offers millions of items supplied by sellers in more than 20 product categories.

Who are users of this product?

Buyers and sellers use the product as a marketplace. Through the platform, companies sell their products of all types to many different countries in the world.

Understanding the problems of Aliexpress users

Researches were carried out, using forms, social networks, interviews and the construction of personas.we can check some responses from the form and better understand the users' experience when they access aliexpress to make purchases.

1. How many times a year do you shop on aliexpress?

2. have you ever needed to use customer support?

3. If yes, did you find the answer in the FAQ, or did you need to speak to a virtual attendant?

4. was it easy or difficult to talk to an attendant?

During the surveys, a high number of complaints were detected on websites, social networks. Reports of negative experiences with support on youtube channels. Also, 5 interviews with users were conducted.


In addition to interviews with some users and Desk Research, to further understand the problem, a Benchmark was made at Apple, Mercado Livre, Wish, Amazon. That Companies have almost all of the detailed aspects better structured than AliExpress. However, when it comes to the marketplace, Aliexpress still maintains the leadership due to the greater number of products to buy and to have a greater delivery coverage. But it does have the worst overall usability, including customer support.

Hypotheses for the support page and for the chat page.

We will work with hypotheses for the technical support home page first. Once the page is well organized, the demand for virtual assistance will decrease. We will increase the chances of users finding the answer to the problem right there!

Then we will develop a way to select problems on the chat page, where users are already looking for virtual assistance, due to not having found answers in the FAQ.

Current suport main page


1. stretched background, with contrast and bad colors

2. text and other elements without alignment

3. too small icons and fonts

4. the link points to a page out of context

5. There is no button to log in at support page

6. There is no option to change the language ( you can change if yoo log in at main page )

Current chat screen


1. Expressionless mascot

2. Links that doesn't work

3. Incomplete information titles

4. very small icons

5. Alignment and spacing

New User Interface

At this stage, all research and alignment was considered. However, the research of competitors was definitive. Aliexpress offers good access to chat for the user, but the page layout and organization of information was considered the worst. We then brought a clean and objective interface, focused on the conversation of an attendant and the customer only.

Support chat page user interface

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